Trusted-Pay FAQs

Trusted-Pay allows you to register using your social network accounts as Facebook, and Google OR you can register with Trusted-Pay account through defining a valid email .

The registered payer will have the following features which will not be allowed for non registered payers:

  1. Maintain subscription list
  2. Notification and alerting for new & due bills
  3. Keep track for all Payments done in Trusted-Pay
  4. Maintain Recent paid services & billers commonly used
The non registered payer will able to track his payments from Home page -> payment tracking page.
Once you login to the system you view the a list of subscription that have been used in payment at the home page , the subscription ID is the service ID used during payment such as club membership, school student profile number, ...etc.
The payment list is the list which you can add more than one service to be paid for at once, and you can view and manage these items through clicking on payment list "Cart" icon at the pages header. The payer can pay multiple service as long as its belong to same biller paymentCart

The payer can pay using the following method:

  • All type of Credit Card.
  • Paypal account

Using Quick payment option and searching for the service at the service bar then click on "Pay Now" button.

This service bar will be available at the landing page for logged-in or non logged-in payer.

Yes, it will be allowed as long as all services belong to same biller.
You will not able to pay services appears without payment button, you have to contact your biller as biller may be suspended payment and will resume later.
This mean the biller is no longer use Trusted-Pay service for collect money.
This will allow payer to share interested services for friends

There is two ways to view bills in Trusted-Pay:

  • In subscription list, all unpaid bills will appears next to subscriber ID
  • By select service and click inquiry to view due bills
From Our Services menu, there are top level categories and each category list billers belong to this category. So the payer has to select billers providing service then from biller service page select which service to pay for